March 2017

March saw the long hot days of Summer slowly start winding down as Autumn clearly waits in the wings. The sun sets earlier and mornings are darker already.

We were lucky enough to have another clutch of chicks hatch in the warm weather. Sadly the birds of prey are now feeling the competition and we lost one of these little chicks. A couple days later the bird was back but we were able to intercept it, causing it to release a shaken but unharmed baby! The chicks from our first clutch are now four months old and had very clearly developed into roosters! They will both have to be rehomed in the next few weeks as they need more available hens than we have, as well as to avoid fighting.

We began our preparation for the next growing season, preparing beds for winter crops and compost for Spring’s crop. We enjoyed many of our late Summer harvests for dinner in the last few weeks – nothing like nourishing your body with home grown veg!

March is also the start of wedding season so we have enjoyed hosting some wonderful guests! Every guest has left their mark. We expected to be done sooner but are still busy with the final ‘facelift’ of a couple rooms… watch this space!

Until next month….


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