April 2017 – Change

April was full of change for us… we finished the facelift made to three of our rooms, watched the change of season from Summer to Autumn and a change of the season of our lives.

Summer gave us a stunner of a day to end off its season, a boiling sunshiny day. Sadly on this last day of summer, we said goodbye to the very best friend either of us have ever known. Our beloved boy-dog Oskar went home to run free in the dandelion fields of Heaven after a brave fight with lymphoma. The sweetest companion, our shadow, our protector. This beautiful boy taught us to live life to the fullest, he was just as excited for his food, a walk, a ride in the car, bedtime, watching the sunset – anything was a game to him and he made the most of every moment. A lesson we hope to carry through our lives. His life was complete just by being with his people. We miss him every second!

The next few days were marked by cold, mist and drizzle as the Autumn leaves began to change and fall around us.

Our preparations for the next growing season were accelerated by the first frost already along the stream. We have a good six months until Spring – sometimes longer in the Midlands, depending on when the rains come. Some areas of land are resting, the Autumn leaves are composting and protecting roots from the certain heavier days of frost.

Most of our time has been dedicated to the final changes in the guesthouse and preparing the last of our rooms in the Manor House. Check out the photos.

Manor House

Our broody hens have raised their babies and let them ‘leave the nest’ now. We are starting to see the majority of these babies developing more and more rooster characteristics – independence from the flock, long sweeping sickle (tail) feathers, the long saddle feathers near the base of the tail, beautiful hackle feathers around the neck and a red comb. Being a Venda-Buff Orpington cross, these roosters have the long legs characteristic of the Venda rooster but the beautiful golden colouring and fuller body of the Buff Orpington. We can’t wait for the eggs from the hens! Some of these little rotters however got into our veggie garden and demolished all the cucumbers, peas, marrows and carrots! Next up… a fence!

We continue to make the most of the clear, still Autumn days and appreciate the beauty of the creation around us. The colours of Autumn are simply remarkable, they tend to stop you in your tracks to appreciate their beauty. Check out our video on Facebook of April’s Autumn beauty: https://www.facebook.com/bramleighmanor/videos/1910459352569850/

1 thought on “April 2017 – Change

  1. It sounds like a beautiful place to be and I have no doubt the spirit of your “boy” will drive you onwards and upwards – you seem to have achieved an extraordinary amount in a very short time= well done Andre and Kait


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