Bramleigh Manor offers exquisite birding opportunities. Our indigenous forest is home to over 200 species of birds.

Birdsong is the soundtrack to life at Bramleigh Manor, from the territorial call of the Knysna Turaco, the plea of the Narina Trogon, night-time laughter of the Wood Owl, Emerald cuckoo, hornbills, cranes – an idyllic setting to be interrupted only by the sound of birds. Enjoy a soul-restoring walk through the forest, below giant Yellowwood trees, with the shy Samango monkeys swinging above, abundant birdlife and calming streams. Hot, dry grassland trails provide panoramic views of Drakensberg. Or curl up with a book next to the fire, relax on the patio and soak up the fresh country air, be soothed by nature.

Our accommodation supports sustainable tourism, without minimising comfort; powered by the sun, complete with electric blankets, energy efficient lighting and appliances. Wood burning stoves efficiently heat the rooms, using sustainably harvested alien wood. Water is supplied from a forest stream, filtered and ready to drink, cool, straight from the tap. Natural cleaning products provide a fresh fragrance. Sample farm fresh organic produce and eggs. Picnic breakfasts and light dinners available on request.

List of birds found at Bramleigh Manor and surrounding estates:

(Robert’s Bird Book reference number) Compiled by R.Lindie

RefBird Name RefBird Name 
8Dabchick 452Redbilled Wood Hoopoe 
55Whitebreasted Comorant 455Trumpeter Hornbill 
58Reed Comorant 463Ground Hornbill 
60Darter 464Blackcollared Barbet 
62Grey Heron 469Redfronted Tinker Barbet 
63Blackheaded Heron 473Crested Barbet 
65Purple Heron 474Greater Honeyguide 
67Little Egret 480Ground Woodpecker 
71Cattle Egret 483Goldentailed Woodpecker 
81Hamerkop 486Cardinal Woodpecker 
83White Stork 488Olive Woodpecker 
91Sacred Ibis 494Rufous Naped Lark 
92Bald Ibis 518European Swallow 
94Hadeda Ibis 520Whitethroated Swallow 
95African Spoonbill 526Greater Striped Swallow 
99Whitefaced Duck 527Lesser Striped Swallow 
102Egyptian Goose 529Rock Martin 
103South African Shelduck 530House Martin 
104Yellowbilled Duck 534Banded Martin 
105African Black Duck 536Black Saw-wing Swallow 
108Redbilled Teal 538Black Cuckooshrike 
112Cape Shoveller 540Grey Cuckooshrike 
113Shouthern Pochard 541Forktailed Drongo 
116Spurwinged Goose 545Blackheaded Oriole 
118Secretary Bird 547Black Crow 
119Bearded Vulture 548Pied Crow 
122Cape Vulture 554Southern Black Tit 
126Yellowbilled Kite 565Bush Blackcap 
127Black Shouldered Kite 568Blackeyed Bulbul 
128Cuckoo Hawk 569Terrestrial Bulbul 
131Black Eagle 572Sombre Bulbul 
139Longcrested Eagle 577Olive Thrush 
140Martial Eagle 580Groundscraper Thrush 
141Crowned Eagle 588Buffstreaked Chat 
148African Fish Eagle 589Familiar Chat 
149Steppe Buzzard 596Stone Chat 
150Forest Buzzard 598Chorister Robin 
152Jackal Buzzard 601Cape Robin 
155Redbreasted Sparrowhawk 606Starred Robin 
157Little Sparrowhawk 625Icterine Warbler 
158Black Sparrowhawk 639Barratt’s Warbler 
160African Goshawk 643Willow Warbler 
165African Marsh Harrier 644Yellow Throated Warbler 
169Gymnogene/African Harrier Hawk 648Yellowbreasted Apalis 
170Osprey 645Barthroated Apalis 
171Peregrine Falcon 657Greenbacked Bleating Warbler 
172Lanner Falcon 661Grassbird 
180Eastern Redfooted Kestrel 666Cloud Cisticola 
192Redwing Francolin 672Rattling Cisticola 
196Natal Francolin 679Lazy Cisticola 
198Rednecked Francolin 681Neddicky 
199Swainsons Francolin 683Tawny Flanked Prinia 
200Common Quail 686bDrakensberg Prinia 
203Helmeted Guinea Fowl 690Dusky Flycatcher 
207Wattled Crane 694Black Flycatcher 
208Blue Crane 698Fiscal Flycatcher 
209Crowned Crane 700Cape Batis 
210African Rail 708Blue Mantled Flycatcher 
213Black Crake 710Paradise Flycatcher 
218Buffspotted Flufftail 713Cape Wagtail 
223Purple Gallinule 716Grassveld Pipit 
226Common Moorhen 717Longbilled Pipit 
228Redknobbed Coot 727Orangethroated Longclaw 
231Stanley’s Bustard 728Yellowthroated Longclaw 
255Crowned Plover 732Fiscal Shrike 
258Blacksmith Plover 736Southern Boubou 
260Watted Plover 740Puffback Shrike 
284Ruff 746Bokmakierie 
286Ethiopian Snipe 750Olive Bush Shrike 
298Water Dikkop 759Pied Starling 
349Rock Pigeon 764Glossy Starling 
350Rameron Pigeon 769Redwinged Starling 
352Redeyed Dove 774Gurney’s Sugarbird 
354Cape Turtle Dove 775Malachite Sunbird 
355Laughing Dove 783Lesser Doublecollared Sunbird 
356Namaqua Dove 785Greater Doublecollared Sunbird 
359Tambourine Dove 790Olive Sunbird 
370Knysna Lourie/Turaco 792Black Sunbird 
377Redchested Cuckoo 796Cape White Eye 
378Black Cuckoo 801House Sparrow 
380Great Spotted Cuckoo 803Cape Sparrow 
384Emerald Cuckoo 804Grey Headed Sparrow 
385Klaas’ Cuckoo 807Thickbilled Weaver 
386Diederik Cuckoo 811Spottedbacked Weaver 
391Burchell’s Coucal 813Cape Weaver 
392Barn Owl 814Masked Weaver 
393Grass Owl 824Red Bishop 
394Wood Owl 826Golden Bishop 
395Marsh Owl 828Redshouldered Widow 
400Cape Eagle Owl 831Redcollared Widow 
401Spotted Eagle 832Longtailed Widow 
411European Swift 840Bluebilled Firefinch 
412Black Swift 844Blue Waxbill 
415Whiterumped Swift 846Common Waxbill 
417Little Swift 850Swee Waxbill 
418Alpine Swift 852Quail Finch 
424Speckled Mousebird 857Bronze Mannikin 
427Narina Trogan 860Pintailed Wydah 
428Pied Kingfisher 864Black Widowfinch 
429Giant Kingfisher 869Yelloweyed Canary 
431Malachite Kingfisher 872Forest Canary 
435Brown Hooded Kingfisher 871Bully Canary 
446European Roller 881Streakyheaded Canary 
451Hoopoe 884Goldenbreasted Bunting 

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