Know your Farmer

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We were entrusted with the management of this family-owned property at the end of 2015 and immediately knew we wanted to do something different. Having been run as a guesthouse for most of its life, the house lent itself well to that but the land was capable of so much more. The vision of retreat style accommodation, with an emphasis on learning and restoration, regenerative farm and specialised workshop venue was born!

We live a simple life, creating a farmstead as far as possible; to grow, make or bake much of our food and cleaning products, supplemented by supporting local farmers and businesses in the area. We kinda have to, living so far out! As well as selling produce within the community.

Both of us maintain jobs outside of Bramleigh – Andre is a solar power system designer and Kait is an educational facilitator. Bramleigh became a reciprocal informer of our lives and careers, as our lives and careers impacted upon the development of Bramleigh. Andre’s work is clearly heavily involved in conservation and environmentally sustainable practices, designing solar power solutions for homes and businesses, using nature to make our lives more sustainable.

Kait’s work is influenced by a desire to create an environment for natural learning, where inborn curiosities, interests and abilities come to the fore. Learning and living according to the way we were designed, going back to the essence of the learning process in children and allowing children to be free to learn, supporting self-directed explorations.

We invite you to share our home with us, share in our vision and be a part of the growth of ideas.


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