Bramleigh Farm

Bramleigh is a bio-intensive market farm, growing organic vegetables and fruit, pasture raised chickens for meat and eggs, as well as regenerative style grazing. Private cottages offer eco-friendly, solar-supplemented country house accommodation in Fort Nottingham of the KZN Midlands, tucked between indigenous forest and rolling mountains.

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1. Accommodation at Bramleigh Manor :
Quiet, comfortable suites, equipped with crisp white linen, electric blankets and free WiFi provide a place to escape. Meander through the forest, listen to bird song, watch Autumn leaves fall; evening runs through the valley, cycles along the mountains. A unique experience of peace, tranquility and rest. Explore the farm, sample fresh wholesome produce.
2. Regenerative Farm:
We believe in not only living sustainably but living regeneratively. We approach our mixed micro farming enterprises holistically to build topsoil and biodiversity by mimicking natural grazing and growing in ways that respect, protect and benefit both the land and livestock. This in turn produces nutrient dense food. Read more about our farming ethos here: A Carbon Farmer

3. Workshops:
Our desire is to create a space where workshops, retreats and trainings can be hosted, aiming to create greater consciousness about our food, lifestyles and living in symbiosis with nature, learning from its age-old successful practices; as well as regenerative farming, homesteading, self-sufficiency and mindfulness, applicable in any setting, rural or urban contexts.

Growing Ideas

A place where ideas can be grown; ideas about the growing of food but also developing body, mind and soul.

Bramleigh is run with an emphasis on living regeneratively; caring and protecting the natural resources while also building up the ecosystem, taking inspiration from nature. Our goal is to make an improvement ecologically, economically, socially and spiritually during our time here. With the increasing passion and interest in the origin of food, Bramleigh aims to provide an authentic experience of ‘food-with-a-story’ and inspire conscious, gentle living. Luxury guesthouse Accommodation at Bramleigh Manor allows experience of these ideas, without minimising comfort; alongside farm tours, forest walks, bird watching, and time in nature. A back-to-basics approach to living, while utilising appropriate new technologies.

Check out the About page for our story. 
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