Organic Vegetables

Market Garden

Our organic vegetables are grown in a market garden style of long, narrow beds using a no dig, no till approach. The soil is softened by hand with help from a broadfork implement to reach down and aerate the soil, without turning it, to keep the balance of micro-organisms. We direct seed into rich compost at high density so that the plants naturally create a cover over the soil.

Our produce includes:

  • sweet carrots
  • baby carrots
  • gourmet lettuce mix
  • beetroot
  • herbs – basil, parsley, rocket
  • baby leaf spinach

We sell directly to consumers and restaurants. Contact us for more information on delivery to your area.

Read more on how this fits with our regenerative practices here

Micro Greens:

Picked just after the true leaves (first 2 leaves) have developed, these shoots are considered superfoods since they are at their most nutrient dense and flavourful stage. We supply restaurants with microgreens, used for garnish.

Delicious in a smoothie too, to get a punch of good greens in the morning!

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